(Listed chronologically by date)


Winthrop’s Journal on the History of New England 1630-1649 (Vol. II) pp. 229-245

John Winthrop, Ed. By Hosmer (1908)


Magnalia Christi Americana – The Life of Mr. Peter Hobart ( pp. 497-502)

Cotton Mather (1702),M1


Oration delivered before the citizens of Hingham on the 4th of July, 1826

Solomon Lincoln (1826),M1


History of the Town of Hingham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts

Solomon Lincoln, Jr.  (1827),M1



The Genealogy of the Spragues in Hingham

Hosea Sprague (1828)


Letter to Governor Levi Lincoln in relation to Harvard University

Francis C. Gray  (1831),M1


History of Scituate, Massachusetts from its first settlement to 1831

Samuel Deane (1831)


Solomon Lincoln’s Bi-Centennial Address To the Town

Solomon Lincoln, Jr. (1835)


Speech of Mr. Levi Lincoln, Jr. of Massachusetts in Congress on Slavery Issue

Levi Lincoln, Jr.  (1837),M1


Address delivered by Joseph Richardson at 50th year of his Ministry

Richardson (1856),M1


John Beal of Hingham, and One Line of Descendants

Shurtleff (1865)


History of the Town of Abington

Benjamin Hobart, (1866),M1


Sketch of the Official Life of John Andrew, and His Farewell Address

Albert Gallatin Browne (1868),M1


A Genealogical History of the Descendents of Joseph Peck

Ira Peck (1868),M1


Discourse Delivered to the First Parish in Hingham on Reopening of the Meeting-House

Calvin Lincoln (1869),M1


The Town of Hingham in the Late Civil War

Burr, Lincoln (1876)


Genealogy of the Cushing Family

Lemuel Cushing (1877)


Commemorative Services at the First Parish on Its 200th Anniversary

By the Parish (1882)


The New England Magazine (Stories on Hingham & John Andrew) (pp. 258-265; pp. 140-146)

Francis Lincoln  (1885),M1

History of Shipbuilding on the North River

l. Vernon Briggs (1889),M1



Tower Genealogy, an Account of the Descendants of John Tower

Charlemagne Tower, (1891)


Record of the Rust Family that settled in Hingham, 1634-1635



Proceedings of American Antiquarian Society, (P. 438 et seq) – Brief of Levi Lincoln Sr. before Chief Justice William Cushing on status of slavery under new Massachusetts Constitution (1781)

A.A. Society (1892)


History of the Town of Hingham, Massachusetts

George Lincoln, et als, (1893)

Vol. I, Part 1 (Historical)

                Vol.  l,  Parts 1 and 2 (Historical) Large pdf file (Boston Pub. Library)

                Vol. I,  Parts 1 and 2 (Historical) smaller streaming flip file (Boston Pub. Library)


            Vol. II (Genealogical),M1



Vol. III (Genealogical),M1


Tourists’ Guide to Hingham, etc. (pp. 1-29)

Old Colony Railroad (1893),M1


Steven Gates of Hingham and his Descendents

Charles O. Gates (1893)


Our Colonial Homes (pp. 105-115)

Drake, (1894),M1


After Dinner and Other Speeches

John D. Long (1897),M1


A History of the Boston Base Ball Club (mentioning Fred Lake & Mike Kelly)

George Touhey (1897)


A Narrative History of the Town of Cohasset, Massachusetts

Edward V. Bigelow (1898)


Thomas Joy and his Descendents

James Joy (1900),M1


History of the Pilgrim Shore (Hingham, at pp. 86 et seq)

Edmund H. Garrett (1900)


Life in a New England Town, 1787-1788

From the Diary of John Quincy Adams, (Pub. 1903)


The Craftsman (Account of Hingham Arts & Crafts Society)  see p. 276 et seq.)

United Crafts (1904)



The Life of John Andrew

Henry Pearson (1904),M1


The Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln

Henry Lea, (1909)


Centennial Address in memory of Abraham Lincoln

John D. Long (1909),M1


Reminiscences of My 70 Years Education – Proceedings of Mass Historical Society (pp. 348-359)

John D. Long (1909),M1


The Chaffee Genealogy

William H. Chaffee (1909),M1



Hingham, a Story of Its Early Settlement and Life, its Ancient Landmarks, etc

D.A.R., (1911),M1


The Stoddard Family – Descendants of John Stoddar



The Hills of Hingham,

Dallas Lore Sharp (1916)



Resolutions in Commemoration of John Davis Long

Massachusetts House of Representatives (1916),M1



Reminiscences of My 70 Years Education – Proceedings of Mass Historical Society p. 348-359

John D. Long (1909),M1


Loring Genealogy

Pope, Loring and Loring (1917),M1

see also another link to the Loring geneology:"the+loring+genealogy"+by+charles+henry+pope,+1917&source=gbs_book_other_versions_r&cad=1_1#PPP1,M1